Featuring Holland’s most famous jazz-rock guitarist, the venerable Jan Akkerman, with Danish composer / arranger Claus Ogerman, Aranjuez has seen CD reissue before and in 2008 England’s Beat Goes On label adds the release to its catalog. Recorded in London in 1978, Aranjuez remains one of the most lush sounding and supremely relaxing albums ever made and it kind of serves as a landmark recording among jazz and classical guitar enthusiasts. Featuring Jan's jazz guitar supported by the orchestral symphonic arrangements of Ogerman, Aranjuez features the pair reworking classical themes by Ravel, Rodrigo and Villa Lobos. 2004 notes and and the Lp notes from 1978 add that Claus Ogerman—a legend who’s worked with Jobim and more—calls the album ‘hair-raisingly beautiful,’ adding ‘its about the most sophisticated project I was ever involved in.’ www.bgo-records.com


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