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Since 1999 Incendio have released a number of acclaimed albums of acoustic based instrumental music and have been widely heralded as innovators in the Nuevo Flamenco guitar movement. Essentially a trio of gifted guitarists, Incendio features the interlocking twin Spanish guitar attack of Jim Stubblefield and Jean Pierre Durand, who’s guitar prowess is held in place by guitarist / bassist Liza Carbé. In a market that’s constantly looking for new avenues to reach music fans, Incendio should have wide appeal among music fans—from jam bands and jazz to World Beat and flamenco—in addition to the smooth jazz field which has already embraced the 2006 Incendio CD Seduction. Durand and Carbé have made significant inroads with their side project Carbé / Durand—an instrumental offshoot of Incendio—while Stubblefield has also evolved as a gifted recording guitar soloist. Even so, the magic created when all three record or take the stage as Incendio makes for some breathtaking and often fiery instrumental guitar moments.

Guitarra Exotica
(Natural Elements)

Having a number of albums in their catalog, California-based guitar trio Incendio are one of the hottest acts on the nuevo flamenco guitar scene and one third of the band, guitarist Jim Stubblefield also has a solo career that’s well worth checking out. On his fourth solo CD from 2007, Guitarra Exotica, Stubblefield is backed up by bass, violin and percussion. Like the World Beat guitar group Incendio, the sound on Guitarra Exotica is expertly recorded acoustic flamenco with added sounds from South American and even Afro-Cuban music genres. Having grown up listening to jazz icon John Coltrane and nylon string classical guitar legend Segovia, Stubblefield keeps his musical palette brimming with stirring instrumental guitar-based ideas. Commenting further on his love of Spanish guitar music Stubblefield adds, ‘My travels have also included Barcelona and Malaga where I got my Pedro Maldonado guitar, and parts of Portugal. I have to admit I'm a culture junkie—I can spin the globe and anyplace I put my finger down, I want to learn more about that place and its people and music!’ Produced and composed by Stubblefield, Guitarra Exotica is a splendid choice for flamenco fans and World Beat guitar watchers.


Few albums with heavy accents on flamenco and Spanish guitars blend in hard rock licks as skillfully as on Sketches, the 2008 CD from Carbé Durand. Finger style guitarist Liza Carbé hails from the U.S. West Coast while Jean-Pierre Durand—adding in lead / rhythm guitar and bass—comes from Peruvian stock so the sound gets exotic at times. Afro-Cuban, Latin, Peruvian, and flamenco instrumentals get it rolling with an excellent high-tech studio sound, featuring assistance from a number of horns, strings and percussion players. Both Carbé and Durand also work together in the Latin guitar world fusion group Incendio, while the release of Sketches with their Carbé Durand project is an interesting side project to their already renowned instrumental new flamenco jazz repertoire.


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