Snake Attack
(Rock Beat Records)


Best known as an electric guitar pioneer who has worked with rock legends, from Dylan and Mayall, to Canned Heat, the Stones and many others, Harvey “The Snake” Mandel returns in early 2017 with the ten track Snake Attack. A recent recording, recaptured and released from the vaults by L.A. based Rock Beat Records, the ten track CD features brief biographical liner notes and more notes by Harvey describing that he wrote all the music, recorded all the instruments and mixed and mastered it by himself. From the CD liner notes, Harvey explains, “This is a project I did a few years ago. It’s a recording done entirely in my home studio. Working in my own home studio allowed me to do all sorts of great guitar overdubs.” The Snake Attack album features Harvey’s impeccable guitar skills yet it also transcends the blues and even rock with its electronica meets electric guitar soundscapes. Some sonic influences that come to mind while listening to the super-charged Snake Attack would be to recent music by Jeff Beck and even going back to Jan Hammer’s mid 1980s soundtrack work on Miami Vice, especially on melodic, Mandel composed gems like “Exotic Predator” and “A Luscious Life”. With Harvey armed to the teeth with a full wall of sound, the overall approach on Snake Attack is hard-hitting and quite potent. The jazz-rock beat and the occasional funk flourish is also on fire here. Filled with a litany of dazzling guitar overdubs and synth programming, the whole album is very futuristic, progressive and even sci-fi sounding. An impressive spin from start to finish, Snake Attack is totally mind-blowing and odd-sounding yet, it's also a thoroughly engaging album of high-powered guitar-tronica from one of America’s finest guitar treasures. www.smoreent.com / www.HarveyMandel.com


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