Seventh Tree


Andy Davis of the great British art-rock band Stackridge hipped me to singer Alison Goldfrapp. Featuring Goldfrapp and her partner Will Gregory backed by a number of players, the 2008 Goldfrapp CD, Seventh Tree is a swirling mix of daring rock, dance pop and New Age. Sort of the rock version of Enya, Alison Goldfrapp is the real deal. The songs on Seventh Tree have a shiny sonic bounce that will have across the board appeal to pop lovers of all ages. All sorts of musical textures are spread over the album’s sonic palette—from acoustic guitar and string sounds to synths and electronica. Even though the songs sound dressed up in a magical studio setting, the hooks are there and would probably work unplugged. A special edition of Seventh Tree, released Stateside in November 2008 features various videos, TV clips and live footage from Summer 2008. Sonically delectable and played with a sense of humor and humility, Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree is one of the great pop masterpieces of 2008.


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