Pandemonium Ensues


It’s a wondrous sight to behold a songwriter come of age. Actually it’s been hard recently to find something as catchy and upbeat as “Relentless Pursuit,” the sixth track on Pandemonium Ensues by Glenn Tilbrook And The Fluffers. And you know what? I probably would have never heard it without it’s inclusion on a free CD given away from England’s great pop culture mag The Word. Thank you Mark Ellen, because it's a great sampler and the song is a fantastic pop song on the latest album from the founding singer-guitarist in '70s pop group Squeeze. Despite several Squeeze breakups and reunions, Tilbrook went solo and after several albums of his own he’s struck gold on this nicely packaged CD from the humorously titled Quixotic Records. With Tilbrook impressive on guitars and vocals he receives fine support from drummer Simon Hanson, who also co-wrote “Relentless Pursuit,” bassist Lucy Shaw (who adds in her own attractive lead and backing vocals) sealed up with the unobtrusive keys of Stephen Large. It’s a little hard to surpass the McCartney-esque edge of “Relentless Pursuit,” but track by track, the 14 cut CD is always coming at you with a refreshing pop-eye view. The CD closing instrumental “Too Close To The Sun” is a real hoot with it’s Strackridge style raver vision. Featuring excellent CD packaging, the CD is a must for Squeeze fans and makes a solid introduction to Tilbrook’s song craft.


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