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A musician of many talents, guitarist George Lynch is well known among hard rockers as the lead guitarist in the band Dokken. Solo since ‘89, Lynch returned in 2008 with his latest group, George Lynch’s Souls Of We. With Lynch handling all the guitars and backed up by a solid band, including vocalist London Legrand, Let The Truth Be Known is a solid representation of Lynch and his myriad of rock guitar influences. An endorser of ESP guitars since 1986, Lynch has a remarkable grasp on the hard rock guitar style and as a result, he should have across the board appeal with Dokken’s hard rock crowd as well as fans of Holdsworth, Fripp and other prog guitar legends who’ve been known for their rock work in the past. One listen to Souls Of We and it’s clear that Lynch is still on the cutting edge of extreme hard rock guitar. There’s few mellow moments on Let The Truth Be Known, so put it in the CD player, brace yourself and be prepared to be blown away by Lynch and his Souls Of We.

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Musical Background

I started playing at 10 and was inspired to play initially by the advent of Beatlemania and then a little later on by the British invasion bands: Yardbirds, Cream, Zep, Hendrix and Beck.

New CD

My latest effort is Souls Of We. The record is entitled Let The Truth Be Known. It's a little heavier than what I normally do but it is also a dynamic and complex record…lots of’s definitely a “headphone mix” record. I had a lot of friends help me out with the writing and recording of the record. Many names you may recognize and maybe some you won't, but all very talented people who put 110% of their efforts into this. It was a difficult record to be honest. At the moment were in the middle of recording a new Lynch Mob CD entitled Smoke And Mirrors, which we hope to release early summer of ’09. The band features myself, Oni Logan on vox, Marco Mendoza on bass and Scott Coogan on drums and we’ve been recording at sound city and the Office studios in L.A.

Favorite Guitars

Well I’ve been designing signature guitars for ESP for almost 23 years now. They're family to me and we’ve built some beautiful instruments. Some of my current favorites are the Super V, the GL 56 and of course the Tiger. I’ve designed a bad ass acoustic with Washburn. It has an amazing “evil western” motif, very unique bracing utilizing “green forestry approved” tone woods. We’re also working on a top secret pickup system that we hope to install in next years models. Back in the very early Dokken years I’d worked with Gary Sunda at Randall and helped develop the RG 100 amp. I’ve since come full circle and am back with Randall. We’ve developed the “Lynch Box” series of modular amps which I’m using exclusively. I’ve designed a unique string set called the Super V string which is marketed by Dean Markely. Zoom corp. have been working with me over the last 2 years in developing the Zoom G2G Mr. Scary Digi efx unit. That's a really fun piece of gear...instant inspiration. Morley is also marketing the new “Lynch/Dragon 2” wah pedal among other things. I’ve also got a sig Spectraflev cable and my own series of Postal Monkey guitar cases that are pretty sick. Check out the Dia de Muertos case!

Musical Influences

That would be a huge list…Beatles, Hendrix, Cream, Beck, Leslie West, Peter Green, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Jan Akkerman, Al DiMeola, Brian May, Allan Holdsworth, Angus and Malcolm Young, Eddie, Yngwie, Schenker, Uli, Alice In Chains, Children Of Bohdom, Meshugga, Freak Kitchen, STP, Tool, Fleetwood Mac, George Benson, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker, Joe Pass, Steve Vai, Satriani, Gary Moore, Robin Trower, Tom Morrello, Jack White, Jimmy Page, The Edge, Mahavishnu, Ravi Shankar, King Crimson, ZZ Top, Porcupine Tree, Boomerang, The Groundhogs, Fugazi, anything Mike Patton does…and on and on…

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