The Complete Diary Of A Plastic Box
(Angel Air)


Drumming legend Gary Husband did such a great job on the 2008 album by Jack Bruce and Robin Trower, Seven Moons, that it’s a bit strange to discover a 2008 double CD set from Husband that features him stretching out on some incredibly avant gard musical terrain. Recorded on a Korg M1 synthesizer / workstation between 1989 and 1993 and initially released in 1999—with further recording, audio optimization, track/samples editing and entire remastering done in 2008—the 40 tracks that make up Husband’s The Complete Diary Of A Plastic Box sounds like what would happen if avant gard pioneer Edgard Varese decided to make an album of poly-rhythmic improvisational jazz fusion vignettes. A first rate jazz-rock drummer, Husband is on the same wavelength as the great Bill Bruford and—considering that this music sounds highly personalized and very electronic in nature—some of the pieces are similar in scope as Bruford’s ‘77 breakthrough debut Feels Good To Me. Commenting in the liner notes on the original recording, Husband adds, ‘Despite the fact that I was on the road, usually in my capacity as a drummer, working for other various artists, I’d constantly seek out opportunities to fade into the background and work on my own private musical endeavors, which, throughout these lengthy stretches, was an enormously fruitful and rewarding form of “therapy” for me.’ Throughout the 40 tracks on this 2008 double CD set on Angel Air, Husband’s unique electronic instrumental e-jazz makes for a wildly adventurous, yet completely captivating ‘soundtrack’ experience.


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