Keeping ‘em honest in the realm of instrumental guitar rock, the Flying Ryan Brothers—guitarists Jimmy Ryan and Johnny Ryan—arrive in style with their summer 2008 CD Totality. In sync with the Ryan Brother’s world class approach to hi-energy instrumental fusion, Totality features thirteen new instrumentals. Track after track the Ryan brothers simply shine on a wide range of hi-tech gear—all manners of electric guitars, lap steel, sitar, theremin, keyboards and programming—while the rhythm section of William Kopecky and Johnny Mrozek lay down a rock steady groove for the brothers to layer their intertwining guitars deep into the mix. Sometimes ethereal, sometimes provocative, always rocking, Totality is a comprehensive, compelling guitar experience . Dig it and then check out the wide range of already released FRB gems from prior years. Give Totality a spin, it’s well worth the return trip.

{The current condition of the planet makes you homesick for Summer 2008! So what can we fondly recall from that golden summer of ‘08? Well for one, how about Totality—a fantastic CD from The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers. With their impeccable approach to progressive instrumental rock fusion, the Chicago based Ryan Brothers guitar team of Jimmy Ryan and Johnny Ryan were a mainstay in the reviews section of 20th Century Guitar magazine and on from the late ‘90s till the mag sadly and unexpectedly closed in late December 2008. Looking ahead, Jimmy recently told about an upcoming Flyin’ Ryan Brothers album but till then, looking back again, presents Guitars Center Stage with the Flyin’ Ryan Brothers. - editor August 2010}

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Musical Background

We have been playing guitar together for over 35 years. In that time we have developed our own individual styles while perfecting our signature harmony lead approach to our music. We both started playing piano at a young age. Our mother was an accomplished pianist. Once we heard the guitar-based rock music of the late '60s and early '70s, we were forever changed. We both started playing guitar by ear (we're both self-taught) and that was it!

New CD

Our new CD, Totality was recorded in 2007 at our home studio. We used Alesis ADATs and a host of outboard gear. We feel it is our most creative and melodic project to date. Being influenced by so many different styles of music, we tend to think more outside the traditional format and constraints of guitar-based music. That's what we believe gives us our unique sound.

Favorite Guitars

Johnny loves to play his Zion electric and an Ibanez Steve Vai signature acoustic. Jimmy plays his trusty '73 Fender Strat and a Peavey EVH Wolfgang. These might be the main weapons of choice, but we like to experiment with different guitar/amp configurations. We are not purists in the sense that it has to be a certain guitar and amp. We try a variety of setups to reflect the particular mood and vibe of each track. Jimmy also plays lap steel and Johnny plays keyboards. We use a variety of pedals and effects including a Theremin. We usually record tracks pretty dry and add effects judiciously later in the mix.

Musical Influences

Johnny's favorite guitar players include Jeff Beck, Phil Keaggy, Ty Tabor and Steve Lukather. Jimmy likes Leslie West, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore and Scott Henderson. Favorite albums of all time include Humble Pie - Rockin' The Fillmore, Deep Purple - In Rock, Wishbone Ash - Argus, Billy Cobham - Spectrum and anything by Kings X. We also love some of the great film composers, especially Bernard Herman. He was a true genius.

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