English Rose


Over in England, the BGO label continues their repertoire of U.S. / U.K. rock remasters with a bunch of 2007 CD reissues. High on the list is a 2007 BGO reissue of the early 1969 Fleetwood Mac classic English Rose. This album was Mac's true entrance to the U.S. market at the start, an incredible musical snapshot that is often referred to as Fleetwood Mac’s finest hour a mere three short years before the original band finally imploded. Released in early ‘69 in a brilliant a&r move by U.S. Epic Records to showcase a number of then recent Mac recordings from the U.K, the still transcendent English Rose is a great showcase for Mac guitarists Peter Green, Danny Kirwan and Jeremy Spencer. For fans back at the end of 1968, the January ‘69 Epic release of English Rose made a major impact and truly established Fleetwood Mac as a triple threat band that could do anything, from pop / instrumental and rockabilly to classic blues. Though not a household word in the U.S. yet, Green was the most popular U.K. blues rock guitarist of those times after Eric Clapton but apparent on English Rose—and in fact on every FM album through 1972’s Bare Trees album—was singer-songwriter Danny Kirwan, who could write, sing and play guitar as well as Green. Of course by 1972 with the departure of Kirwan, it had all went wrong for original fans. But English Rose—with that forever insane cover art of Mick Fleetwood in drag—is where the real magic began for Fleetwood Mac. Remastered to sound louder and much more dynamic then the 1990’s English Rose CD from Sony Japan, BGO’s 2007 remaster also features better cover art than the Japanese release and excellent newly penned liner notes that chronicles (in English!) the significance of this groundbreaking 12 track blues rock classic from January 1969. www.bgo-records.com


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