Out To Sea 3: The Storm
(Forward Motion Records)


In a stunning twist of sonic fate, guitarist-producer Fernando Perdomo has all but taken over the mantle of America’s new progressive guitarist extraordinaire. Earlier in 2020, Fernando released a stunning prog-rock statement in its own right called The Crimson Guitar, which is Fernando's acoustic guitar tribute to early King Crimson. Now, as 2020 moves into mid-year, Fernando takes it to the edge once again with Out To Sea 3. Subtitled The Storm, the 11-cut Out To Sea 3 makes a stunning musical statement that takes progressive rock fusion into deep instrumental waters. Again, perhaps the most amazing thing here, apart from the all-original fare itself, is that Fernando once again plays all the instruments. Dedicated to the late great, Florida-based Livesays’ drummer Eddie Zyne, along with Fernando’s family and his mentor Doug Burris, Out To Sea 3 is kind of reminiscent, at least to my ears, to my own musical mentor, the late great Pekka Pohjola as well as Pekka’s one-time band mate and producer Mike Oldfield. Those lucky enough to have thrilled to Pekka’s brilliant melodies back in the 1970s and 1980’s, as well as Mike’s guitar work, will find a kindred sonic spirit on Out To Sea 3. Assisted only by Cyndi Trissel (on 'Brass Birds'), Out To Sea 3 is Fernando’s definitive musical statement, one that provides ample reasons enough to check out the first two Out To Sea installments in Fernando Perdomo’s latest exciting and totally memorable foray into daredevil prog-rock sonics. www.FernandoPerdomo.com


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