Low Expectations
(Open E Records)


Boston has an illustrious music history as the home town for a number of classic rock bands such as Aerosmith, The Cars, The J. Geils Band and of course, the band named after its hometown, Boston. Two musicians involved with the original Boston band lineup—guitarist Barry Goudreau and drummer Sib Hashian—are among the featured players in the latest band to emanate from bean town, rockers Ernie And The Automatics. Kicking off with “The Good Times Never Last”—a spirited, hook-heavy rocker in the finest Boston pop-rock spirit, the album Low Expectations is anything but a modern pop-rock album with low expectations! Goudreau’s lead off track is a sonic blast and sets the tone for a rockin’ album in the finest spirit of the original Boston sound. There's even a couple great instrumental rock tracks that kick some serious butt. Clearly, guitarists Jay Geils and the Cars’ Elliot Easton would dig Goudreau’s excellent guitar work in Ernie And The Automatics. Ernie’s vocalist Brian Maes, who was with Goudreau post-Boston in the band RTZ, sounds supercharged in the six man Ernie And The Automatics lineup. Commenting on working with this latest Boston-related supergroup, drummer Sib Hashian adds, ‘I knew that if we all got together in a recording studio, we could make something happen. I was right, we went in and the result was Low Expectations. The whole package.’ Some may carp and say Ernie ATA are merely treading on hollowed ground of the original Boston sound. To those people...turn on the CD player, crank out “The Good Times Never Last” and be prepared to rock and roll!


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