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Released stateside by the prodigious MVD label, Equilibrium is the 2008 CD from Canadian guitarist Erik Mongrain. Tastefully backed up by Michael Manring (bass) and Bill Plummer (synth), Equilibrium is an acoustic guitar classic that borrows it’s sense of direction from the ECM label and, more specifically acoustic guitarists such as Steve Tibbetts. Like Tibbetts, Mongrain uses wild tunings and combines sparse yet scenic instrumental guitar tracks with slapping and tapping guitar percussion. Equilibrium is too jazzy to be called New Age, and as such falls more into the World Beat camp of guitar instrumental music. Track by track liner notes by Mongrain provide insights into his unique guitar sound.

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Musical Background

I have been playing for 15 years more or less. I started when I was around 14. As far as musical background goes, it varies widely. I was into grunge music, metal, industrial and then classical music, movies soundtracks, acoustic instrumental. I have no musical training as I've always been an autodidact. It's all about willpower I think.

New CD

My new album is called Equilibrium. It is basically the 2-3 last years of my life. Mainly observations of life, personal experiences, stories I've lived... It was recorded at PRS studio's Dragon Crossing with Bill Plummer as sound engineer. It was recorded with a couple mics well placed by Bill with no effects whatsoever and we just did it as natural as possible. I like authenticity, that's just how I am!

Favorite Guitars

I've only used 1 guitar on the CD and it is the Kingslight guitar. Best guitar ever made, I love her so much ! Her name is Elora and she is the first I've ever named. My guitar setup is mostly focused on low-action and playability. I use light gauge strings (12-53 Elixir Nanowebs only). I do have 2 x AER compact mobile at home to play plugged in whenever I feel like it but I do not use them live anymore. As far as preamps and pedals go I am currently using a D-Tar Equinox parametric EQ, a 2 channel preamp/mixer D-Tar Solstice, a Boss GE-7 bass EQ, a Boss RV-5. Planning to switch to the Pendulum Sps-1 dual parametric soon though. I use a combination of a Sunrise and Fishman pickups wired in stereo. It's a custom fiddled pickup really.

Musical Influences

J.S. Bach, Michael Hedges, Don Ross, Preston Reed... Too many to list but Hedges certainly wins it by far. My favorite composer, musician, guitarist. All of his albums were influential really. Aerial Boundaries, Taproot, Oracle, Breakfast in the Field...

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