Clapton - The Autobiography
(Broadway Books)
Clapton - Complete Clapton


Released on October 9, 2007, Clapton - The Autobiography is a fascinating book recalling the life and times of rock guitar icon Eric Clapton. Despite rumors to the contrary, Clapton’s memory is quite intact as he recalls a host of highlights of his fabled career, up to and including 2007. Early years with John Mayall, The Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek And The Dominos are recalled with eye-opening accuracy as are historic recollections of relationships with George Harrison and The Beatles. The amount of players Clapton’s memory evokes during the course of the book is staggering—not only the multitude of musicians he's worked with over the year, but also the scores of behind the scenes people, managers, engineers, record company execs, agents, D.J.’s—all of it recalled with both reverence and humor. The 352 page hardcover is also peppered with some excellent b&w pictures that brings Clapton’s career further into focus. Clapton writes in the book’s epilogue, ‘The last ten years have been the best of my life.’ He's happily married with three young daughters, and it’s gratifying for the reader to read that after all those years on the cutting edge of rock Clapton now has this time and good fortune to take a good, long look back on a musical history that, in part shaped 20th century pop culture. Interestingly, Reprise Records as also released a double CD companion collection entitled Clapton - Complete Clapton, a 36 track compilation that sort of serves as the soundtrack to his autobiography—from “I Feel Free” (1966 Fresh Cream) to his 2006 CD collaboration with J.J. Cale. /


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