The Emitt Rhodes Recordings 1969-1973
(Hip-O Select)


The Hip-O Select label started as an offshoot for the Hip-O label that itself was an offshoot of the Chronicles part of what became the Universal Music Group. Hip-O Select is best decribed as a boutique label for chronic CD collectors—truly a worldwide phenomenon that began in earnest circa 1986. On the ILoveThatSong.com web site, you can connect to Hip-O Select which is currently featuring illustrious recent CD reissues of some of the most sought after albums of the first rock era including definitive masterpiece collections from rock gods Bo Diddley, Buddy Miles Express, Chuck Berry, Cass Elliot and Squeeze meisters Difford and Tilbrook. Another recent 2 CD set from Hip-O, The Emitt Rhodes Recordings (1969-1973) chronicles some classic pop recordings from a gifted singer-songwriter and guitarist that was sorely overlooked and way under invested in way back in 1970. Such was the plight of the now historic ABC Dunhill label! Released on May 22, 2009, Hip-O’s double CD set combines 4 complete Rhodes solo albums including his famous second, 1970, self produced / self titled Emitt Rhodes album. A live ringer for Paul McCartney on that fabled ABC Dunhill Lp, Rhodes followed the Beatles bass man by writing and playing the entire album by himself and in fact he was so good on that album, that he could have doubled for Paul! It's a shame Macca never worked with Emitt. Produced by long time Chronicles honcho Bill Levenson, with fine liner notes by rising rock scribe Scott Schinder, and with executive production by MCA Records reissue legend Andy McKaie, Hip-O Select's Emitt Rhodes package is a textbook example of how to craft state of the art music reissues. Although he still lives in his hometown of Hawthorn California, Rhodes sadly became another music biz causality and basically retired from rock at the veteran age of 24. A pop master who was sorely missed after his final early '70s album, Emitt Rhodes may have left the music biz, but it’s hard to believe that this music would ever leave him! www.Hip-oSelect.com


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