Composing The Beatles Songbook
(MVD / Pride)


Music critics and fans will be dissecting music of The Beatles for hundreds of years to come. Possibly the most dynamic, driving force of 20th century music, the Beatles’ music is placed under the critical microscope on the MVD DVD release of Composing The Beatles Songbook - Lennon And McCartney 1966-1970. The DVD tastefully blends historic footage, amazing rare photo stills, excerpts from Beatles video clips and intensive interviews with a range of Beatles experts and musicologists, including journalists Anthony DeCurtis and Robert Christgau as well as close Beatles associates such as bass ace Klaus Voorman. Focusing on the years between 1966 and 1970, the DVD examines the Beatles experimental recordings, specifically comparing McCartney and Lennon and the influence they had on each other. The sequel DVD to the early 2008 release of Composing The Beatles Songbook - Lennon And McCartney 1957-1965, the nearly two hour Composing The Beatles Songbook 1966-1970 DVD is quite entertaining. Extras here include extended interviews and biographies.


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