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Keyboardist and composer Andrew Colyer made a lot of people happy with his 2020 solo album, his third called Mists Of Time. That all-instrumental album is very much rooted in the New Age and neoclassical instrumental music realm, yet it’s also worth noting Andrew’s works in the New York-based progressive rock band Circuline.

Following studio albums Return (2015) and Counterpoint (2016), in 2018 Circuline released their first CD/DVD/Blu-ray titled CircuLive::Majestik, which featured the band live in concert at the 13th International Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest).

In 2020 Circuline returned with yet another live set, a wonderful, 77 minute release, CircuLive::NewView,released in October 2020 as a 3-disc set on the Inner Nova Music label. Essentially an archival audio/video document of Circuline’s appearance at the International ProgStock Festival on October 14, 2017, CircuLive::NewView, captures Circuline in all their glory, performing a range of instrumental rock and vocal-based prog-rock tracks.

Performed before an audience of progressive music fans, this live-in-concert package contains live versions of tracks selected from the two Circuline studio albums with a couple added surprises and, it's also worth noting that fifty percent of the material on NewView is different from the Majestik release, plus the band sounds truly supercharged thanks to the addition of a hot new lead guitarist and bass player. The 3 discs on this package includes a CD, a DVD and a Blu-ray disc, with bonus video content featured only on the Blu-ray disc.

With Andrew’s array of keyboards leading the sonic attack, CircuLive::NewView features a combination of stellar performances from Andrew and his bandmates in Circuline, including his co-composing bandmate Darin Brannon (drums, keyboards), Natalie Brown (lead vocals), William “Billy” Spillane (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Joel Simches (bass) and Alek Darson (lead and rhythm guitars).

After listening to and viewing CircuLive::NewView, it's clear that calling Circuline an exciting in-concert band would be an understatement. With their shared lead vocals and magnetic stage presence, Ms. Brown and Billy Spillane both make appealing lead singers, with Andrew supplying his own vocals as well. Darin Brannon is an outstanding rock drummer, while his keyboard skills are equally amazing, as evidenced on a dueling, keyboard-friendly track here called “Piano Challenge”, featuring an electrifying duet with him and Andrew Colyer. The band's new guitarist Alek Darson coaxes a range of electrifying sounds from his instrument while Joel Simches plays his left-handed electric bass with much drive.

Anyone that thought Andrew Colyer was just a solo New Age instrumental music artist is well advised to check out the driving, prog-rock energy of Circuline on this 2020 live-in-concert release. Listening to CircuLive::NewView is great but watching the DVD or Blu-ray is clearly the optimum way to witness the innovative prog-rock sound of Circuline in all its glory. presents an interview with
Andrew Colyer and Darin Brannon

mwe3: Did Circuline release CircuLive::NewView in 2020 because of the pandemic of 2020, as there were no tours, no concerts and with studios not open for recording much of this past year? 2020 was a year of great tragedy yet also great awakenings. Besides the release of CircuLive::NewView, what will 2020 be remembered for in your opinion? It’s like a great archive set.

AC: Thanks for your kind words about CircuLive::NewView. As far as “awakenings”, our intention is to grow a global fanbase, and one of the ways to do that is to release Official Videos for as many songs as possible, to expose people to what we can do, using the assistance of the visual medium of video. That’s one of the reasons that Circuline released six new Official Videos in 2020, five of which were part of our 15-date New View Virtual Tour, which had three events per day, for a total of 45 different events. It was a ton of work, we got a lot of great feedback from fans, and were featured in Music Connection magazine as one of the “Top 100 Bands” of the year! That’s one of the things we will remember about 2020.

Since Circuline’s inception in 2014, our goal has been to do our best to release an album a year, and our first studio album Return was released in 2015, followed by an East Coast tour opening for Glass Hammer and we also launched our own traveling Sonic Voyage Fest. In 2016, Circuline released our second studio album Counterpoint, had a CD release party and some live gigs, performed at RoSfest, Philly’s Liberty Music Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, and mounted our own second traveling Sonic Voyage Fest. In 2017, we headlined at Prog on the Ranch in Florida, went on the Cruise to the Edge and participated in the “Late Night Live” activities, toured England opening for IOEarth, performed at ProgStock, and did some other gigs as well.

Based on my networking in the music industry, attending NAMM shows, and everything that was happening with Circuline, I started to get other offers to participate in other projects. I was so excited, I said yes to everything! As I was saying yes to those other projects, they started taking up more and more time that I had available for music in general.

So 2018 and 2019 for me was taken up with performing on the (Happy the Man and Oblivion Sun mastermind) Frank Wyatt and Friends album; making a record and performing at RoSfest 2018 with Cell15; recording a double album, playing live gigs, and making videos with progressive metal band Awaken; and the whole “3.2 featuring Robert Berry” 29-date North American tour.

That was great for me personally, but unfortunately, since I’m the “engine” behind Circuline, my own band kept getting pushed to the back burner. Ideally, the CircuLive::Majestik product would have been released in 2017 (it was released in May 2018), CircuLive::NewView would have been released in 2018, and Circuline’s third studio album would have been released in 2019 or 2020. But those other projects that came along were offers that I felt like I had to say yes to. I’m eternally grateful that I did, and now with the COVID pandemic, I’m back driving the Circuline train, with a new strategy and plan for the next three years of writing, releasing a series of music videos with our third studio album, and a return to live playing most likely in late 2022 and definitely 2023.

DB: When we were originally planning the release date for CircuLive::NewView, the pandemic was not in the forefront of everyone's minds, so it really did not play a factor in the timing of the release. With that in mind, the timing did make us adjust how we were to proceed, with how to best get NewView in front of as many of our existing fans as well as potential new fans.

mwe3: Circuline have two studio album CDs out so far and two live CD/DVD/Blu-ray sets featuring music from the Circuline studio albums performed live in two different group lineups. How has the different lineups of musicians influenced the band’s sound and what is the current lineup of Circuline? Can you tell us why you called the band Circuline? Does it have something to do with the Circular sounds created by circulating the music through different genres?

AC: The core lineup of Circuline has always been myself (keys/vocals), Darin Brannon (drums/keyboards), Natalie Brown (vocals), and William “Billy” Spillane (vocals/rhythm guitar).

Circuline’s first guitarist was Downing Grey and Circuline founding member Bill Shannon. His two biggest influences were Steve Howe and Robert Fripp. Bill was with the band from February 2014 to August 2015, and can be heard on the debut studio album Return. After auditioning 35 guitar players, our second guitarist was jazz-fusion guitarist Beledo, who was with Circuline from February 2016 to August 2017. His excellent time with our band is documented in the CD/DVD/Blu-ray product CircuLive::Majestik, which was from our RoSfest 2016 performance.

When Beledo left the band two months before our ProgStock performance, we called Alek Darson, who played on two tracks of our second studio album Counterpoint and mixed the entire album. We called Alek partially because we knew he was already familiar with our material, and partially because we really wanted to transition from a “jazz fusion” guitar sound to more of a “rock” sound, which Alek definitely brings. We are proud and happy to say that Alek Darson is Circuline’s “final'' guitar player. Those were his words, not ours.

In the bass department, for our first album we had Matt Dorsey as a guest artist, and he also mixed the entire record. Matt also flew out and toured with us when we first started playing live shows in 2014. Paul Ranieri was with the band from late 2014 to spring 2016, touring live and played bass on Counterpoint. Harold Skeete (Ad Astra) was a last-minute substitute on bass for RoSfest 2016. This performance can be experienced on the CircuLive::Majestik live CD/DVD/Blu-ray product. He also performed live with the band at the New Jersey ProgHouse for the Counterpoint CD release party, and at Philadelphia’s Liberty Music Fest. From September 2016 to March 2018, Joel Simches toured live as a sound engineer and bassist, mixed CircuLive::Majestik, and performed on CircuLive::NewView. As of March 2018, Matt Dorsey is back permanently as a bassist/vocalist/songwriter. We’re looking forward to creating this third studio album with what we hope to be our “permanent” definitive lineup.

As far as the band name, have you ever tried to have a group of adults agree on anything, much less a creative project? Band names are tough. We initially went through over 100 names, and nobody could agree on anything. I had a dream and came up with the band name “Circuloid”, and we even had a logo drawn up. But that didn’t sit well with everybody. Natalie Brown suggested “Circuline”, and it was the only name that we could agree on, and nobody vetoed. Since it’s a made-up name, it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

DB: Both studio records and live shows were greatly influenced by the different musicians involved. We have been very fortunate to have so many talented individuals associated with the band for the few years that we’ve been together. With Counterpoint, we were in between guitarists at the time, so we called upon a bunch of our guitarist friends to help out with that. We couldn't have been more pleased with everyone’s contribution to that record. Especially Alek Darson. So much so, that we were able to get his help with the live shows. The differences are apparent between the CircuLive::Majestik and CircuLive::NewView live shows. Both marked a specific time in the bands history and both really represented where we were as performers. Majestik was one of our first shows in a larger venue in front of a larger audience. We were very pleased to be asked to participate at RoSfest, being that we were such a young band. The time between Majestik and NewView afforded us a chance to create a “New” show that incorporated elements that we thought would entertain any audience, who may or may not be progressive rock fans. Plus we were able to get out on the road and spend valuable time on stage working out the kinks!

Currently we have been able to convince the following people to be in the band:
Andrew Colyer: Keyboards / Vocals
Darin Brannon: Drums / Keyboards
Natalie Brown: Vocals / Percussion
Billy Spillane: Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Alek Darson: Lead Guitar
Matt Dorsey: Bass Guitar / Vocals

mwe3: The two live CD/DVD/Blu-ray sets are remarkable to hear and view. For example, how does the addition of Alek Darson and Joel Simches change the sound and can you tell us where the band members are based? Do you feel CircuLive::NewView features a kind of reenergized band and also the presentation of CircuLive::NewView is very much improved in my opinion.

AC: First of all thank you for the kind words. The addition of Alek Darson gives us the ability to achieve the vision that we have for the band, in that he is a world-class player capable of adapting to many different styles of music, he is incredibly creative, and gives us a rock and metal edge when we need it. He also happens to be a super nice guy, and has great ideas when it comes to studio work, video editing, pretty much anything in the “artist-sphere”. To have that kind of experience in a team member is invaluable.

Our second studio album Counterpoint was finished and released just before RoSfest, and Harold Skeete was brought in just two weeks before that performance to fill in on bass. So what you’re seeing on the CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD/Blu-ray product is a young band with around ten gigs under our belt, on a big stage for the first time, with a new guitarist (three months) and substitute bassist (two weeks). 18 months later, after about 30 gigs under our belt, about ten of them with Joel Simches, was our ProgStock performance. So yes, you are seeing two very different bands there, in the way of confidence, and really being able to “own” the material.

After touring for about two years, when we got the call to play ProgStock, and we knew that we would be creating another live product from that festival performance, we really wanted to “raise our game” from what we had previously been doing. We wanted to make our show something memorable that fans would want to experience, and no longer just get on stage and play live versions of the studio albums. We looked at what other artists did who had outstanding shows, and saw that they all created “moments” that made their concerts stand out. Then we worked to create our own types of “moments”. I kept talking about this, and Darin really had the ideas on what to do. The keyboard duet, the moment with only vocals and acoustic guitars, the “drum-off” with everyone changing instruments - those were all Darin’s ideas.

As of March 2018, Matt Dorsey is our permanent bassist, and is also a fantastic singer-songwriter. We’re very excited to “have him back”, since he was with us for our first studio album and touring dates. He lives in Los Angeles. The rest of us live in New York, within 3 hours of each other, and Alek lives in Toronto, less than a day’s drive. So we’re doing a lot of things virtually now, but get together several times a year in person to work on new material, rehearse, and shoot videos.

mwe3: For CircuLive::NewView why did you choose to release the concert footage on Blu-ray and DVD and why put the bonus material on the Blu-ray only? What is the difference between the two different sources in your opinion?

AC: Darin is the expert on this, but I believe it has to do with media capacity. We want people to experience the best product possible, and the priority is the concert. DVD’s have 4.5 GB of capacity, and the dual-layer Blu-ray’s have 50 GB capacity. Our audience is approximately 50/50 owners of those players, the DVD’s are slowly going by the wayside over time as people purchase Blu-ray players, and if someone is going to consume just the concert, I think we didn’t want to compress it any more for the DVD, just to make room for the bonus content.

DB: In this day and age, I believe it’s best to release your visual product so that as many people as possible can enjoy it. With that being said, it was necessary to include both video formats (DVD and Blu-ray) along with the audio on CD.

During the video editing process, I realized the extent of how much footage was shot and thought we could include some of this as bonus material. Because the footage was shot in HD we thought it was best to make sure the quality for both formats were as good as we could make it. So, it was decided that the DVD would only include the concert show video, ensuring the highest quality video without compromising that quality due to additional bonus material. The Blu-ray was very different, being that it could include up to almost 10x more material than the DVD, again without compromising the viewing quality of not only the show but the bonus material. Plus we all liked the idea of including a commentary with us watching the show, and adding our goofy and inside jokes about “stuff” happening during the show.

mwe3: Did you add any new arrangements to the tracks that feature Alek Darson? Was Alek or some other guitarist featured on the original studio versions that are on the Circuline studio albums. Can you compare Alek with the other guitarists in Circuline over the years? You say he’s the final guitarist you’ll need in the band. Amazingly, he came from Serbia. What did Alek tell you about his life in his native land and when he came to the US?

AC: When Bill Shannon left the band in late summer 2015, we were on a hard deadline to finish the second studio album and get ready for spring gigs, including RoSfest, which we knew would help to launch us to an international audience in a big way. We knew that we would not have time to audition and find a guitar player, finish the record, and rehearse for those live shows. So we decided to bring in seven guest guitar players for the record, while auditioning guitar players for the band. Alek was one of those seven guest guitarists on Counterpoint, and through conversations with him, became our mixing engineer for the album. On the record he’s on the prog power ballad “Forbidden Planet”, and our 10-minute epic, “Hollow”.

Being a founding band member, Bill Shannon was of course the guitarist on Return. The six other guest guitarists we featured on Counterpoint were Stanley Whitaker (Happy the Man, Oblivion Sun), Randy McStine (McStine & Minneman, The Fringe), Matt Dorsey (Sound of Contact, In Continuum), Ryche Chlanda (Fireballet, Nektar), Allan Shikoh (Glass Hammer), and Doug Ott (Enchant). After auditioning 35 guitarists, Beledo joined the band in February 2016, and he also added some tracks to Counterpoint.

Since Alek mixed Counterpoint, he already had the isolated guitar tracks from that album, so the tracks from the first album and the one cover song were new to him. We didn’t do any “special arrangements” for him, we just turned him loose, and said “do your thing”!

Originally from Serbia, Alek earned a degree in audio engineering and owned his own recording studio for several years, honing his craft and playing in cover bands, before moving to Boston for four years and graduating from the Berklee College of Music. He then lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years before relocating to Toronto. One of his favorite bands of all time is Dream Theater, and Alek recently worked with Jordan Rudess on his latest solo album, playing guitar, bass, and doing some horn section arranging. We’re so lucky and grateful to have him as part of our family!

mwe3: What was it like performing live at the first ProgStock festival on October 14th, 2017? What other bands played at the show and what else do you remember most about that show and that event? How would you compare the ProgStock show with the Rites Of Spring concert from 2016?

AC: We were very excited to be a part of the first international ProgStock Festival! There were 18 different acts, including Circuline, and two of the ones that really stood out for me were England’s Karmakanic and The Tangent, both led by Andy Tillison. With regards to RoSfest and ProgStock that I remember the most, was the difference between being a part of something that had been around for 13 years versus something that was in its first year. They were run very differently. I must say, they were both high energy events, with wonderful people working there, outstanding people at the helm, and fantastic fans. We are looking forward to hopefully going back to both in the future!

mwe3: The thing I like best about the new CD / DVD / Blu-ray is the sheer diversity of musical styles and the range of instrumental and vocal based prog-rock on CircuLive::NewView. It seems like Circuline thrives on challenging music and not getting stuck with one style plus it’s rare that a band would have 3 skillful lead singers. The balance between lead vocals is excellent on the CircuLive releases.

AC: We all have different musical backgrounds and tastes that we bring to the table when writing, so I think that’s reflected in the eclectic mix of music that we produce. One thing’s for sure, we’re never predictable or boring! We’re really lucky to have Natalie and Billy as vocalists. Even though I was in all-state choir in high school, sang in four-voice “Manhattan Transfer” style groups, and performed at Carnegie Hall with a mass choir and symphony orchestra, I’m constantly working to get better singing in a rock context, because it’s very different. I’m kind of like the “George Harrison” of the group; I get to sing lead once in a while!

mwe3: Why did you choose to cover the song “Pale Blue Dot”? Can you tell us something about that song and Circuline’s connection to it? I know the band has a connection to Simon Collins over the years. Are you still in touch with Simon?

AC: Our first, and hopefully last bassist, Matt Dorsey, is a founding member of Sound of Contact, and co-wrote “Pale Blue Dot” with Simon Collins. I met Matt in March 2014, on the YES Cruise to the Edge and Moody Blues Cruise. I was performing on both of those cruises with the Prog Rock Orchestra, and Matt was also on both cruises performing with Sound of Contact. During those two weeks I hung out with Matt and Simon almost every day, including the rest of that touring version of the band, Bill Jenkins (keyboards), Ronen Gordon (drums), and Randy McStine (guitars, vocals).

In May 2014, following Sound of Contact’s performance at RoSfest, I had a meeting with Simon, Matt, and their manager Graham Collins (no relation). They told me that Bill Jenkins was no longer able to continue with the band, and asked if I was able and interested in becoming a touring member. At the time, they were negotiating to open for YES on their two-month summer tour, which would have been July and August. Of course I said YES, went home, put my new 3-month old band Circuline on hold, and spent the next six weeks preparing for that tour - the entire 90-minute set, keyboards, vocals, programming, etc. During that time I was in high communication with Matt and Randy, comparing notes for things. In June, right before I was supposed to fly to L.A. for rehearsals, Simon got busted for drug charges in England. The YES tour fell through, and Sound of Contact went on hiatus.

With no tour happening, I went back to Circuline and resumed working on our debut album. The bass player we had started with wasn’t working out, so we asked Matt if he wanted to be our guest bassist for the album. We also needed some help in the songwriting department, and by that time Darin and I had consumed, and really liked, Randy McStine’s Lo-Fi Resistance work, so I called and asked if he would help with the songwriting.

To put a lid on the Sound of Contact chapter, in September Graham reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in working on their second studio album, and still interested in touring in the future. I said yes, but nothing ever came of that. The last time I had any contact with Simon was 2014.

As Circuline was finishing up the writing and recording of our first studio album, we started touring in the fall of 2014, and Matt flew out to rehearse and play shows with us. Circuline had transmuted from the progressive rock tribute band Downing Grey, where we used to play three hours of PROG shows - two 90 minute sets - it was awesome, and ridiculous! When we launched as Circuline, at the time we had 28-30 minutes of original material that was completed, and we used progressive rock covers from YES, Genesis, ELP, Rush, UK, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd to fill out our set. We all loved Sound of Contact, and since Matt was playing with us, we covered the first three songs from the Dimensionaut album, since he co-wrote all of them, and could direct us with performance tips. I knew the material from rehearsing for the ill-fated tour, so we just had to get Billy, Natalie, and our guitarist Bill Shannon up to speed for those three tunes. It was fun!

With Matt living in Los Angeles, at that time it wasn’t practical for him to be a band member, because of the writing and touring schedule we had established. At this point in time, we still intend to write and tour, but in a different way, because we’re in a new chapter and our strategy has changed. We all love Matt, he’s the perfect fit for this band, and (barring any unforeseen circumstances) we know that he’s our “permanent bassist”.

When we were preparing the set list for ProgStock, we knew that we would be releasing two live products in a row, and wanted to have the set lists be different. We got a lot of compliments every time we had played “Pale Blue Dot” in the past, so we thought, “why not throw in a cover song”? So that’s why it’s on CircuLive::NewView.

mwe3: It’s been a few years since the last Circuline studio album. So what kind of studio album will you be planning for 2021? Do you have some new songs already written?

AC: We’re very excited about our third studio album, because we feel like we’re constantly learning how to do things better. With two studio albums under our belt, we feel like we’re coming together as songwriters, arrangers, and as a band, learning how to work better together as a group. We’re really excited to have Matt on board, not just as a bassist, but also as a singer-songwriter. He will add a fourth lead vocal and harmony to our sound. We’re also very excited about having Alek involved in the writing process for the entire album. We already have some material written, Billy, Natalie, and I have song ideas, Darin has some new ideas, we’re using some of Matt’s songs, and we have over five hours of bits and pieces that we need to review and see what we can use. Hopefully this next studio album will be our best so far, and personally I feel like we have built “the right team with the right people in the right seats on the bus” with our lineup.

DB: The third record will be approached differently from the previous two records due to the present circumstances. Just like any project, the way it is created depends on who is present to contribute and what circumstances surround the project. For Counterpoint, we were in need of a guitarist so we asked a lot of our friends to help out. Which shaped the sound of that record. With the new record it will be greatly shaped by having Alek and Matt present for the writing sessions and having Natalie and Billy making their contributions as well. So this time around, we will be working on material created during the sessions where everyone is in the room and with us virtually. Everyone is encouraged to bring in their ideas as long as the idea can be, as we like to call it “Circulined”. We are very fortunate that everyone in the current lineup brings a certain musical perspective that has been built by past writing and performing experiences and influences.

mwe3: Tell us more about making the CircuLive::NewView CD/DVD/Blu-ray. Who filmed it and what was it like setting up as a full prog-rock band in that venue? I remember seeing bands setting up stages in the 1970s but now all the classic rock sounds and all computers too. What was involved in recording the music? Did the computers play any prerecorded backing tracks?

AC: The main video team was Matt Urban’s Mobius New Media group. We also used some of our own video cameras and GoPro Cameras. Darin did all of the video editing, and did a fantastic job. As far as the setup and performance, the festival promoter was giving us a hard time, because out of the 17 bands that weekend, we required the most number of inputs for the mixing board! However, once they saw our performance they understood, and many people said we gave one of the best concerts of the entire weekend. With the recording of the audio, we paid to have the stage engineer record those audio tracks, so that was fairly simple. Up until now, we rarely sampled audio tracks, although that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t in the future, if it involved synchronized lighting or video. The only piece of audio I believe we used for ProgStock was the intro that we walked on to the stage. Everything else we’re playing live.

DB: The video was mainly shot by Matt Urban and Company. We added a few cameras to focus on the individual players to make sure everyone would be represented in the video.

The setup was “enormous”, at least that’s what we kept hearing. Even so, the staff was incredibly helpful to getting all of our equipment moved and setup properly.

We had certain elements of the show that needed the two keyboards up front, and the ability to play one of our songs with just vocals and guitar and then of course, all the drums. You can’t have a drum-off without all those drums! So it might have been a bit challenging to setup, but in the end we believe it was well worth it.

mwe3: Who does your website and YouTube channel? I think Circuline is really the first generation of prog-rock bands to take the internet to the max. How do you view the historic advent of the internet in shaping the destiny of recorded and live music? Why can’t we accelerate to a higher ground? Are we addicted to the internet and is that a good thing?

AC: Darin does the website design, all graphic design for the band, and edits all the video. I create the content, write all the words, and manage the YouTube Channel with regards to organization. Thank you for the kind words, and there are other bands who are maximizing the “internet advantage”, but we are definitely doing our best to use the digital technology to directly reach new fans. We know that the internet is changing the way people consume music, and all media and entertainment. I think the internet is actually going to continue to help independent bands like Circuline to grow their international fan base, in ways there simply not possible even 20 years ago. As far as digital addiction, technology is a double-edged sword. Just like anything, it can be used for good or bad. It’s up to individuals to manage themselves, their habits, and their lives.

mwe3: Tell us the future for Circuline in the march leading up to 2023.

AC: For us, 2021 is about finishing our studio remodeling, upgrading our writing, rehearsing, and recording setup, and preparing to be able to do a multi camera Livestream from The Cave (our studio). Finish writing and recording our third studio album. We’re filming a “Meet the Band” video series, to help grow our fanbase worldwide. We’ll do some more Facebook Live Q&A sessions with our fans, because we had really great fun and feedback doing that for our NewView Virtual Tour last year. We’ll start making videos for the next album release. 2022 will finish the mixing and mastering of the new album, we’ll release likely five or six new official videos, with the dripping out of the singles and associated Official Videos for several months leading up to the album release, in the second half of 2022. We are currently looking into local venues where we could play a live concert and do a Worldwide Livestream in the fall of 2022, with the release of the new album. We should definitely be back out touring again towards the end of 2022, and 2023 for sure!

mwe3: Andrew told me when we first spoke, something to the effect of that you guys, meaning my generation lived through the best era of music. How old were you in 1974? That was the gateway year to the future of music. It seems, as you said, the younger generation of rock and progressive music owe their musical ancestors sort of a debt of gratitude. I’m 67 in 2021 but it was the most incredible time of my life. So I'm glad I feel that “Circuline” will be the future of 21st century music.

AC: In that previous conversation, I believe I said something to the effect of, 1968 to 1978 produced some of the best music in history, especially that being the “classic” era of progressive rock, and actually also singer-songwriters. I just turned 54, and since my birthday is at the end of the year, I was seven years old in 1974, turning eight at the end of the year. But funny you should ask about that year, because that was when I had a vision for my life of being on a large stage, with all the lights, performing in front of thousands of people. I don’t talk about that much, but that’s the dream that I’ve been holding on to for my entire life. When I’m performing with my friends and fellow musicians, it just feels right. With regards to Circuline, yes, we all stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us, and hopefully you’re right, that our cinematic rock band is the future of 21st century music!









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