Chris Squire's Swiss Choir


With Yes on hiatus, in 2005 and 2006 Chris Squire toured and recorded and made one brilliant studio album and a pretty good DVD with The Syn. Compared to the progressive beat-prog sound of the Syn, Squire’s latest solo studio album is a rewarding album of electrified hymns and other yuletide classics for rock band and choir. Featuring a dozen full length religious rockers, Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir features the famous Yes bass great paired with keyboardist Gerard Johnson, drummer Jeremy Stacey and prog guitar ace Steve Hackett—the latter never steals the show, favoring to season Squire’s hymnal rockers with tasteful acoustic and electric work. Squire sings a couple leads but mostly the CD features the players supporting the vocals of The English Baroque Choir. As the bio blurb states, though no actual Swiss choirs were used or harmed in the making of this album, don’t try saying “Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir” three times. One essential track here is bonus track 13, the CD closer of Squire’s rare 1981 holiday track, “Run With The Fox.”


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