Chester & Lester
(RCA / Legacy)


One of two albums guitar giants Les Paul and Chet Atkins recorded together during the golden years of the mid ‘70s, Chester & Lester has lost none of it’s influential glow. Recording back in 1975, both Les and Chet sound totally in sync with each other on a set that features a number of instrumental classics. Produced by Atkins in Nashville with some fine backing musicians, Chester & Lester is truly one of the most momentous mergers of country music and jazz. Interestingly, Les first met Chet back in 1947 when Les—driving cross country stopped by KWTO radio in Springfield, Missouri, where Chet was working. Amazingly, about 30 years later they would record their Grammy winning Chester & Lester. Legacy includes some wonderful liner notes—both new and the original—on their 2007 CD reissue of Chester & Lester, adding four bonus tracks including a stellar instrumental version of “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise,” sadly omitted from the album’s original RCA records 1976 Lp release. One can only hope that Legacy follows this essential guitar instrumental classic with an expanded reissue of the second Paul / Atkins late ‘70s guitar summits, their Guitar Monsters release from 1978. www.sonybmg.com


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