Reaching Back


For a couple years in the late ‘60s—between ’67-68—The Buckinghams were a dominating band on the top 40 pop charts. Produced by the best ears at Columbia Records back then, The Buckinghams not only made great singles but their early albums have made for some revealing reissue listening. Now signed to Fuel Records in L.A., The Buckinghams reunited their band for the 2008 release of Reaching Back. Still featuring the group’s founding singer-songwriter / guitarist Carl Giammarese and bass player Nick Fortuna, Reaching Back finds the pair backed up by the three members who’ve played in the 'Bucks lineup for the past 20 years along with a full horn section. Known for their catchy tracks, jazzy drumming and use of a horn section, the Buckinghams were truly the precursor of the age of future Columbia bands like Chicago, while their innovative top 40 singles made them a true ‘60s pop phenomenon. A valid return honoring the spirit of the famous Buckinghams pop legacy, Reaching Back features ten new tracks—including a singles-friendly title track—along with five fresh covers of their most popular songs. Also on Fuel is a newly minted, superb sounding 14 track Buckinghams live CD entitled Greatest Hits & More, featuring the band having a rave-up with live versions of “Kind Of A Drag,” other big hits and covers of ‘60s favorites like “The Letter,” “Good Lovin,” ”Gimme Some Lovin” and others. Go to their web site, you’ll see that Carl Giammarese has a CD of his solo release Trying Not To Fade, several reissues by Tufano & Giammarese and more.


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