Shadowing John Barry
(Dramatico Entertainment)


It’s true that The Shadows haven’t made an album of new music since 1990 but they reform again, for at least one track, on the 2016 solo album from long time Shads drummer Brian Bennett. Released on Mike Batt’s U.K. based Dramatico label, Shadowing John Barry is ostensibly Brian Bennett's tribute album to the late John Barry, who passed away in Oyster Bay, Long Island on January 30th, 2011. One of the greatest film music composers and band leaders in pop music history, John Barry left an enormous legacy of music, including his most famous works as the chief composer of the world-renowned 1960's James Bond movies, a number of which are represented here. On Shadowing John Barry, Brian Bennett is joined by a range of musicians, including his band mates in The ShadowsHank Marvin and Bruce Welch—along with a range of rock superstars such as top guitarists Peter Frampton, Ray Russell, Mark Knopfler, Mark Griffiths and John Parricelli. Produced by Brian Bennett, Shadowing John Barry also features key contributions by Brian’s son Warren Bennett (guitars, keyboards, string arrangements) with engineering by long time Shadows studio ace Dick Plant of Honeyhill Studios. Also worth mentioning is a rare appearance by one time Shadows bass player Brian “Licorice” Locking, who appears on the album playing harmonica on a cover of the John Barry classic “Midnight Cowboy”, along with excellent keyboard work by Kevin Townend and other fine players. A small but effective orchestra led by Gavyn Wright adds in that fabled Barry orchestral feel throughout the album. Despite being a key member of The Shadows starting in 1962, Brian Bennett never got the same amount of fame as his peers like Ringo Starr and other world famous British drummers rock fans know and love. Still, Shadowing John Barry is a fitting tribute to both Brian Bennett’s band leading and drumming skills, still very much in tact at age 76, as well as being an all-star, action packed instro rock tribute to the late, great John Barry. Brian Bennett may be getting up there in years but his hands, ears and heart are still in the right place and Shadowing John Barry is a triumphant return to form from a true legend of U.K. music. /


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