The Beatles Liverpool
(Arts Magic DVD)


Featuring two DVDs that run five and half hours, The Beatles Liverpool takes you on a scenic tour of Liverpool from the eyes and ears of BBC journalist and Liverpudlian DJ Spencer Leigh, Beatles historian Ray O’Brien, original Quarrymen drummer Colin Hanton and a host of other Beatles era Liverpool insiders. These guys were right there as friends and fans in Liverpool as the Beatles saga started in the mid ‘50s and together with much source material and insight, they present a wide range of historic Beatles memories from the heyday of ‘60s pop as it came back to them in 2008. The documentary combines a fresh look at Liverpool’s myriad of Beatles landmarks set against a stunning range of old world architecture and post WWII modernism that is Liverpool. For die hard Beatles fans, The Beatles Liverpool will feel like nirvana. Clearly Liverpool was ground zero for the birth of rock music as brought about by the birth of The Beatles and the DVD expertly touches on all the key characters behind the Beatles’ early rise to world wide acclaim. A fitting tribute to Liverpool's home town heroes, The Beatles Liverpool is a beautiful and expertly filmed portrait of the post-Beatles era as it exists in Liverpool today.


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