Sparks Of Ancient Light


Listening to the music of British singer-songwriter Al Stewart is a little like reading a novel that you just can’t put down because it’s filled with so many unexpected twists and turns. Case in point is Stewart’s 2008 CD on Appleseed Records entitled Sparks Of Ancient Light. Pop fans will no doubt remember Stewart from the ‘70s and his huge worldwide smash hit, “Year Of The Cat.” Sparks Of Ancient Light follows Stewart’s 2005 Appleseed CD, A Beach Full Of Shells. When it comes to mixing classic pop-rock sounds with elements of folk, classical and even jazz, few can touch Stewart. Featuring a dozen new originals, Sparks is one of Stewart's best albums yet and to help him reach his latest pop goals Al's enlisted some of the best players on the current scene including one time McCartney band fretboard ace Laurence Juber, who also produced and arranged the album, as well as Jim Cox (keyboards) and others. Juber is in rare form on Stewart's latest CD, framing Stewart’s impeccable melodies and arrangements with his always creative acoustic and electric guitar licks and leads. Much more than a mere exercise in melodic retro pop, Sparks is a musical masterpiece from a veteran pop legend. The more you read the lyrics and listen and admire the CD, the more details and musical nuances emerge and enchant.


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