I Stand Alone / You Never Know Who Your Friends Are


Another classic reissue out from Raven in early 2008 is an essential 2 CD set that pairs two classic albums from rock legend Al Kooper—I Stand Alone and You Never Know Who Your Friends Are. Following the Super Session era—with Steve Stills and Mike Bloomfield and his founding and leaving Blood, Sweat & Tears—Kooper’s 1968 solo debut, I Stand Alone remains one of the great albums of the era. A mix of soft psych-pop, R&B and Americana, I Stand Alone features some great side players including the guitar work of Big Charlie Daniels. Released in 1969, You Never Know Who Your Friends Are featured a wider variety of backing musicians, covers of Harry Nilsson and a long lasting evergreen of a title cut that continues to enchant 43 years later. (Isn't the internet great Al?) Complete with historic liner notes, Raven’s double disc, 31 track Kooper set also adds in several tracks from Kooper’s 1971 Easy Does It album, along with a pair of tracks from Kooper’s soundtrack to the 1970 film, The Landlord, both of which featured excellent guitar work from studio giants such as Louie Shelton, Tommy Tedesco and Larry Knechtel.


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