I Survive
First Day - The Complete Story
(Angel Air)


U.K. based Angel Air rolls on with more classic rock reissues from English artists who were not necessarily household names in the U.S. Case in point is Angel Air's 2009 CD reissue of I Survive by the late great English singer and actor Adam Faith. The original release of I Survive was circa 1974 and featured key players like long time Adam Faith guitarist Russ Ballard (guitar, piano) and Bob Henrit (drums) fresh from their work in Argent. Faith was a well respected man among his peers including numerous great singers like Roger Daltrey and Leo Sayer and Faith’s style no doubt influenced both those singers early in their career. The playing is first rate throughout Faith's 12 track CD and the original studio engineering done then by audio genius Martin Birch, echoes Martin’s fantastic engineering and producing on the best of the original Fleetwood Mac albums like Bare Trees. These were the guys who knew how to use and record sound. Numerous guest artists contributed here including co-production by long time Faith associate David Courtney and guitarist Richie Blackmore although guest appearances by Paul & Linda McCartney, especially on the track “Star Song,” makes that track a definite highlight. The CD is packed with rare pics of Faith and October 2009 liner notes. Adam Faith’s producer, singer songwriter David Courtney is also the subject of a 2009 remaster from Angel Air entitled First Day - The Complete Story. An internationally acclaimed songwriter and producer who worked closely with Leo Sayer on the first Roger Daltrey album from the early ‘70s, Courtney’s album First Day was actually released in 1975. Called the British Phil Spector by the great Harry Nilsson, Courtney utilized a number of top players on his first solo album including Argent founder Russ Ballard, and other top guitarists such Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, the great Albert Lee, members of U.K. classical rockers Sky, and pedal steeler B.J. Cole. Adding fine luster to the studio sheen is Beatles audio ace Geoff Emerick, who engineered the First Day album. Extensive October 2009 liner notes by Nick Dalton sheds light on one of the most interesting producer / artists in U.K. pop history. Interestingly, Courtney is planning a 2010 U.K. tour with Sylvia Anderson, the creator of England’s ‘Thunderbirds’ TV show.


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