Acclaimed New Age multi-instrumentalist / composer Russell Suereth dazzles music lovers with his 2015 CD masterpiece SPIRITUAL HAVEN


The video “Journey In Spiritual Haven” provides the listeners with a holistic and spiritual experience that expands upon the New Age music experience provided by the SPIRITUAL HAVEN album.

“Journey In Spiritual Haven” is narrated by renowned U.K. New Age music expert Steve Sheppard of One World Music.

Speaking about the video of “Journey In Spiritual Haven” and how it ties into the CD of SPIRITUAL HAVEN, Russell Suereth explains: “I wanted to provide my listeners with something that would really help them see the story in the album. I had done a few radio programs about the journey inside the album, but I didn’t feel that it really hit home for my listeners. Video is a great way to engage your audience and to tell a story. I love creating videos, so I decided to do a video storybook.”

The video of “Journey In Spiritual Haven” and the entire SPIRITUAL HAVEN album is one of the most creative and memorable experiences fans of New Age music could have.

Tune into the magic of Russell Suereth’s new music video at:

Have a seat, and enjoy the journey inside Russell Suereth’s Spiritual Haven!

A MAGIC FLIGHT - The Journey Begins
Your spirit rises above the clouds and takes you away as if on a magical carpet.

You find yourself in a distant land. Is it miles away, or millennia ago?

GLIMMER OF LIGHT - Traveling Along the Path
Your spirit shows you a glimpse of understanding as you travel along the path. You see a glimpse of understanding as you travel along the path.

NIGHT DANCES - Sharing the Dance of Life
In your journey the night movements of life, death, and birth play a delicate balance.

SWIRLING SPICE - Connecting to Places from Long Ago
Aromas of herbs and spices from ancient times fill the evening in a magical potion.

NIGHTINGALE RUSHES - Your Spirit in Flight
Your spirit sings and adapts to the wind, connecting the spiritual
world with the physical.

NOTIONS ASTIR - New Visions and Ideas
Your spirit brings you to a heightened awareness, and unveils new
concepts and alternatives.

SUDDEN AWARENESS - An Awareness Arises
Another awareness shows itself as your spirit guides you along.

RED MOON CALLING - Ancient Calls and Spiritual Songs
The moon calls throughout millennia and our spirits respond with
stories and songs.

RED MOON RISING - The Enduring and Steady Ascent
The primordial and everlasting rising connects with all spirits and
creatures on Earth.

REALIZATION - A Beautiful Existence
Your spirit sweeps away all your cares and worries, and brings you to
a beautiful existence.

THE VILLAGE BREATHES - Return to Everyday Life
Your journey returns you to everyday life. Perhaps back to that
earlier village. But where are you really?

Reviews Of Spiritual Haven:

“Spiritual Haven by Russell Suereth has got to be the most fresh and
unique album that you will have heard for a long while…This has to be
one of the most fascinating and cleverly woven albums that I have had
the pleasure to listen to for some years."
- Steve Sheppard, One World Music

"The compositions of this album are created and arranged with perfectionism.”
- Writings by Serge Kozlovsky

"Spiritual Haven is truly a labor of love and a work of art."
- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck, Assistant Producer

“I particularly appreciate his flair for arranging in the way he
weaves together the many and varied threads of his musical tapestries
in interesting and often unexpected ways. But what stands out to me
most about Russell is that he is a storyteller.”
- Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

On the music video, A Magic Flight
"From the very first opening shot, the lifting of us up and out of the
mists to float with the clouds, I knew this was going to be something
to savor.”
- Steve Sheppard, OWM

Sounds inside the Spiritual Haven album:

Spiritual Haven contains an interesting combination of sounds. The basis for much of the music are the sounds of Western acoustic instruments - piano, oboe, bassoon, guitar, viola, cello and French horn. These are augmented by a variety of traditional ancient instrumentation from around the world -- duduk (a double-reed woodwind-flute that originated in Armenia), guzheng (a Chinese plucked zither), grand marimba (a low-pitched xylophone that originated in Africa but was developed in Latin America), koto (a Japanese zither with movable bridges), oud (a Mideast lute with a short neck), krin (a West African idiophone log drum) and ethnic frame drums (animal-skin hand-drums from the native tribes of the Americas). Suereth brings his sound into the contemporary realm with the addition of some modern sounds -- the hang drum (looking like a dented flying saucer it is both a melodic and rhythmic instrument) and synthesizer. Suereth’s music is most characterized by the woodwind melodies and his unusual rhythmic patterns that sound Mideastern one moment and Pacific Rim-oriented the next.

Songs in the Spiritual Haven album:

The Spiritual Haven album begins with the highly-rhythmic “A Magic Flight” (“certain music makes you feel like you are soaring and flying, so I wanted to capture that feeling”). “Distant Voices” and “The Village Breathes” both evoke primitive remote places with all the sounds of that community going about the business of lives being lived. “Swirling Spice” captures the smells, sounds, motions and multicolored sights of a Mid-East bazaar. “Night Dances” reflects “all the movement that happens after dusk -- people dancing, animals stirring, a variety of nighttime sounds.” Other tunes focus on nature - “Nightingale Rushes” (“those birds sing the most amazing songs”), “Red Moon Calling” (“the Earth and all its inhabitants have such a close physical and spiritual connection to the moon, but ancient peoples recognized it more than we do”) and “Red Moon Rising” (“a rising moon on a clear night looks enormous and it is an impressive and magnificent event”). Some of the compositions are about circumstances that people go through. “‘Glimmer of Light’ reflects those times when a person has a problem or a difficult situation, and they turn to spirituality and then see a solution or at least hope up ahead,” states Suereth. “For ‘Notions Astir’ I pictured sitting on a mountaintop watching the sun rise up through the clouds below while the majesty of it inspires new ideas.” “Sudden Awareness” was inspired by “one those life situations of enlightenment which buoys you up and gives you feelings of happiness or contentment.” Similarly, the tune “Realization” is “another moment of illumination that sweeps away worries and takes you to a beautiful existence.”

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