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Grammy winning recording artist Peter Kater returns to California-based Real Music for his 2018 album, simply called She. On She, Peter teams with a very gifted singer called Peia Luzzi. She also benefits from adding contributions from Matt Hefner (bass) and Michelle Ancheta (cello). The resulting nine track, 54 minute She album is an hour of pure musical bliss. On the opening track “She Awakens In The Garden”, there’s a kind of Bach inspired, neo-progressive rock melody tempered in the New Age genre, with soaring synths and delicate piano cadences. Coupled with Peia’s wordless vocals, the sound of She is both meditative and enthralling. With Peia’s female vocals perfectly matching Peter’s compositions, the sound of She brings out the muse element in Peter’s music. In an earlier interview Peter has stated that “I’m more committed to my muse than anything else. I try to keep true to my creative instincts and passion.” With She, Peter Kater sings the praises of the female divinity in music and in life. John Lennon said his final song “Woman”, was dedicated to the other half of the sky and Peter corresponds with his most recent instrumental music, adding “She is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. This album is an offering and homage to the endless wellspring of inspiration and healing that She nourishes within me.” Echoing the spirit of the modern day goddess divinity, Peia’s vocals perfectly match Peter’s piano and keyboard based sound, as clear as a bell. As Peter states in his She liner notes “there was no auto tune or vocal correction programs used on her vocals.” Another intriguing aspect on She is the interwoven effects of nature sounds, including waterfalls, beaches and bamboo forest that were each recorded by Peter in Hawaii. Several of the She album tracks are actually presented in two versions thanks to the creative art of abridged and extended remixes. The title track “She” closes the album. With a thrilling sensation of sonic Déjà-vu, New Age keyboard icon, Peter Kater reinvents his muse yet again on the sublime, soothing sounds of She. /


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