The Heartbreaks You Embrace
(End Of The World Records)


On his 2009 CD, The Heartbreaks You Embrace, singer-songwriter and guitarist Chris Church strikes a convincing balance between electric folk music and rock. A bunch of fine players participate on the CD and there’s a solid toe-tapping beat throughout. The guitars are superbly recorded, both acoustic and electric, and among the fine players here, Scott Cornette is listed as contributing guitar textures. It would be expedient to call Church a modern day Jackson Browne or to compare him to late period Byrds and even The Eagles. Let’s just say Church takes a page from the folk-rock legends from years past and jump starts it yet again for a new generation of music fans. If they’re lucky enough to hear him, early fans of the the above legends will probably enjoy The Heartbreaks You Embrace too.

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Musical Background

The very first song I remember that made me think about playing guitar was “I Fought The Law” by The Bobby Fuller Four, from my parents' 45 collection. I was around 10. I started playing soon after that, and taught myself on a Fender acoustic my dad had bought for my mom.

New CD

The Heartbreaks You Embrace, the title lifted from “Positively Fourth Street ” by Bob Dylan, is a breakup song cycle. The breakup was bad, so the songs were, of course, intense. Several friends, including my dear late brother, helped me in the studio. It was mostly recorded at Epiphonic, a tremendous state-of-the-art studio built in a huge old rock church in Lenoir, North Carolina. Jaret Carter, one of the hottest dobro players in the country, assisted ably on some of the more alt-country sounding tunes. My guitar style? I really just don’t know how to answer. Maybe I am a rhythm guitarist with a few extra chords, I guess. The song always comes first and foremost for me.

Favorite Guitars

I have very little concern or attention to gear. I have a Washburn acoustic-electric, and it seems to be a decent guitar. I do like, and own, a Fender Telecaster very much, and I play through a Fender twin reverb amp. My fave guitar players are many, with Pete Townshend always in the mix.

Musical Influences

I have melted to records by The Who, Nada Surf, American Music Club, Todd Rundgren, The Replacements, Drive-By Truckers, Neil Young, Sloan, Cheap Trick, The Church, Tommy Keene, Chocolate Genius, Bob Dylan…don’t get me going or I’ll end up mentioning Hall and Oates. Seriously. I’m not scared.

Upcoming Plans

There are songs I've written for two different projects that I’m getting ready to record soon, one blasting power-pop, one more alt-country tinged. Also, I have a very atmospheric low-fi record called echoism nearly in the can that I am still tweaking. It sort of sounds like a rusty cloud.

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